Research & Trainings

There is exciting research in the science of reading that is finally being brought into instruction. Check out:

EQUIPPED FOR READING SUCCESS by David A. Kilpatrick. In addition to the  book there are YouTube videos.

SPEECH TO PRINT, 3rd Edition by Louisa Moats.

LANGUAGE AT THE SPEED OF SIGHT: How We Read, Why So Many Can’t, and What Can Be Done About It by Mark Seidenberg.

THE READING LEAGUE is where to go for learning to put research into practice. There is an annual conference with many exciting sessions and they publish the Reading League Journal. There are many videos available on youtube.

The Reading League Teacher Group–the Science of Reading on Facebook.

The Reading League PA on Facebook.

PBIDA–PA Branch International Dyslexia Association. Has annual conferences. At and has a Facebook page.



Below are some excerpts from Research-Based Principles for Adult Basic Education Reading Instruction by John Krudienier, Ed.D. that support the methodology and materials used in our model.

“Adult non-readers have basically no phonemic awareness ability and are unable to consistently perform, on their own, almost all phonemic awareness tasks.”

“Adult beginning readers, like other beginning readers, have difficulty applying letter-sound knowledge in order to figure out new or unfamiliar words while reading…”

“Phonemic awareness among adult non-readers is almost non-existent and is only a little better among adult beginning readers. Adult beginning readers also have poor phonics or word analysis knowledge.”