Current Offerings

Beginning Reading Classes

Our classes are held at Kingsessing Library, at 1201 S. 51st St.  (Get directions here!) We are always interested in adding both students and teachers to the program. Please tell anyone who may be interested!

The first step for a student is to call and make an appointment for assessment. That will let us know if our program will be appropriate and at what level a student should begin. 



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Driver’s Manual Preparation Class

Adults with reading difficulties can have a hard time getting a drivers’ license. They can be perfectly competent drivers, but not be able to study the manual in order to pass the test. The test is given by ear, so it does not require reading. Much needed are classes where the manual will be read to the students, as well as the practice questions, so they can learn the information and be able to get their licenses. Having a driver’s license increases independence, job opportunities and quality of life, as well as decreasing the likelihood of legal difficulties associated with driving without a license.


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We need adult beginning reading classes all over the city. Please contact us with questions and for help starting a program at your location.