Mission & Vision


Our mission is to coordinate the implementation of an efficient and effective program model for adult education sites around Philadelphia which will finally serve Adult Beginning Readers, specifically. We want our students to gain the reading skills to be able to be successful in existing Adult Basic Education classes.

Check out our toolkit to get help to set up classes. Please contact us with any questions, concerns, and suggestions, and to join a support group of others doing this work.


Our vision is that by offering reading programs to the low-literate and non-literate adults of Philadelphia, we will improve the quality of life of those we serve as well as strengthen the potential workforce of the city. We will support and work toward a more literate, and thus, a more able-bodied adult population in Philadelphia.

It has been so exciting to be sponsored by the Friends of the Kingsessing Library. Our libraries are a comfortable and accessible meeting place for our classes. We are hoping to assist more Friends groups around the city to start classes at their libraries.

Our Team:

Harry Fishburn – Marketing/Technical

Jo Ann Fishburn – Reading Specialist, Teacher, Manager

Conferences Attended

PA Branch International Dyslexia Association  10/3/20

The Reading League  10/27/20

 Trainings Taken



Lindamood Bell LiPS


Project Assist


Certified Reading Specialist–Masters in Psychology of Reading–Temple University

Certified Teacher of English–St. Joseph’s University